Jesus Is Love Inc
A Ministry to Ministries
Each of us are His holy temple thus making us His Worship
Center. Each of us have within us a throne that allows Him a
special place. That place is our heart.

Every Church and Ministry needs to share this message...

When we give our lives willing submitted unto the Lord, He
takes up residence and then sits down on that throne and
becomes your King of kings and Lord of lords, your High
Priest, ruler, protector, provider, your all in all and everything
you need. In Him you have placed your trust and so now you
can be His Worship Center. A place where He gets all the
glory, praise and honor!

This is the place where you worship God face to face. You are
the temple of God. He resides with you and you with Him. His
Worship Center is YOU and me. We worship Him in spirit and
in truth.

We help one, one hundred or one thousand, through you
making it possible. Help us - help you to love one another. We
are Jesus Is Love, Inc - His hands, His feet, His eyes, His
mouth.  Thank You for using us to do Your will, Lord
Everyday someone suffers
somewhere, we who serve
the Lord should always be
ready to lend a helping hand.
First pray then help.

There really is more
happiness in giving then
there is in receiving. Be
thankful when you are the
one giving, it means you are
not having to receive. Be
ready to receive when you are
in need because you will reap
what you sow.

Love never fails!
Jesus Is Love, Inc is a Church
Incorporated in Oklahoma City, OK -Tax Status: 501(c)3
President: Christopher Cappan
Please look into all of our pages and feel free to
leave comments or prayer requests as you feel led
  • A Church for the Body of Christ

  • A Church to the Un-churched

  • A Church to the Nations
Jesus Is Love, Inc is established to preach the Good News of God's Kingdom of
Jesus Christ as the only hope for mankind and to teach others to observe ALL  
that Christ has commanded us to do.

To be a Ministry to Equip Ministries.

We believe that all who call upon the name of our Lord should be teaching others
to do the same. We will pray with you and for you. We believe it is the
responsibility of every Christian to follow the example set by our Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ.
You can call us for prayer at any time at 918-346-9141.

We also operate an Internet Ministry.
This also helps meet the physical needs of the poor and needy.(Prov.31:9)
If you have any questions or
comments and would like to
email Chris personally